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X-Light 125 ABS  £2649 O.T.R

Keeway X-Light 125 ABS Overview

The Keeway X-Light 125 is a modern cafe racer that punches far above its weight class. This 125cc motorcycle boasts a vintage aesthetic that’s enhanced with reliable components tuned for city riding. Arrive at your destination in style and savour the ride that’ll transport you back in time, reliving the days of chic leather jackets and running the streets.

The large-diameter disc brakes— 276mm at the front and 220mm on the rear— inspire confident and responsive braking. They are powerful and have ABS as standard.

The illuminated digital gauge adds modern flair and functionality to this vintage-inspired motorcycle, complete with a USB port to charge your smaller devices on the go.

Illuminate your path with an ultra-bright LED split headlight with four surrounding DRLs for enhanced visibility to nearby motorists.

The angled exhaust and matte black finish integrates perfectly into the bike’s design.The single-cylinder, 4-stroke motor delivers impressive pace in a compact package, reaching a top speed of 99 km/h.The tall side mirrors encourage an upright riding position that’s comfortable all day long. The fuel tank features optional Keeway-branded knee pads.The angled exhaust and matte black finish integrates perfectly into the bike’s design.

Colour Options - Black or White/silver

X-Light black-1287.png

K Light 125cc £2549 O.T.R

Big custom bike looks packed into a light weight, easy-handling machine. Eat up the city streets & twisting highway miles with ease, K-Light is the bike you never knew you needed. If ever a bike looked the way it felt to ride then K-Light is that bike, A low seat height and forward Foot pegs give a relaxed and involved feel to the smooth, responsive power the K-light delivers with ease. A big bike look at less than 145 kilos lets you skip through the traffic or breeze along the apex of twisty lanes. Feel is everything and the twin rear shock and traditional front fork set up informs of every undulation with effortless accuracy. Styled to turn heads, the functionality of K-Light tells its own story even when stood still


 RK V125C £3649 O.T.R

Keeway RK V125C Overview

Keeway RK V125 C is a modern take on the classic V-twin cruiser, combining timeless design with up-to-date components for the contemporary rider. Featuring a new 125cc V-twin engine with 6 valves, liquid cooling, and electronic fuel injection, the RK V125 C delivers peak figures of 10.2kW of power and 14.4N·m of torque, more than enough to push the 164kg (dry) motorcycle. Unlike other motorcycles of its size, the RK V125 C comes equipped with inverted front forks and front and rear disc brakes, ensuring optimal performance and handling. Thick 120/80-17 and 140/70-17 tires adorn the front and back, respectively, adding to the low and wide cruiser look. The 2-into-1 exhaust provides a clean view of the polished engine case while emitting the distinctive rumble of a V-twin. The chain final drive ensures optimal comfort and minimal maintenance. The electronics of the RK V125 C are also thoroughly modernized, featuring a thin, round headlight that projects the Keeway logo on the DRL, producing a 3D effect when combined with the LED low- and high-beam lamps. The instrument cluster is circular and features a white-on-black digital display highlighted by a radial tachometer around the speedometer. The tank of the RK V125 C is wide in proportions and comes in solid red or black finishes. Holding a massive 19 liters of fuel, it gives the RK V125 C class-leading range with just one fill-up, perfect for those never-ending road trips. The low 690mm seat height ensures comfort for riders of all sizes. Overall, the Keeway RK V125 C is a stylish and reliable motorcycle that is perfect for those looking for a modern take on the classic cruiser. With its sleek design, up-to-date components, and class-leading range, the RK V125 C is the perfect bike for those looking to hit the open road.


V Cruise 125 £4649 O.T.R

Keeway V Cruise 125cc Overview

The authentic Rockstar Cruiser has arrived: the brand new KEEWAY V-CRUISE 125cc. Unmistakable for its edgy styling, powerful components, and vigorous V-twin engines at the centre.
The Keeway V-Cruise 125 comes with a twin cylinder, liquid cooled four stroke engine with a displacement of 125cc. The V-Cruise has a rated output of 10.2kW (13.7 horsepower) at 8500rpm as well and a maximum torque of 14.4Nm at 6500rpm. There is also a 2 in to 1 exhaust system and a fuel tank that can hold a volume of 15 litres.
The handling is taken care of by telescopic forks at the front and on the rear there is a telescopic spring oil damped coil. The front suspension stroke is 120mm and the rear shock absorber stroke is 42mm.
The front brake features a 300mm slotted front disc and a radially mounted caliper to give more bite when suddenly braking. The rear is a similarly large disc as it comes in at a size of 240mm. The Keeway does not feature ABS, but it does features CBS braking which provides and extra layer of safety for the riders when having to suddenly brake.
The weight of the V-Cruise is 140kg. The V-Cruise is 2.12 metres long, 1.05 metres tall (excluding the mirrors), the height of the seat is 0.69 metres tall and finally the bike is also 0.82 metres wide as well.
The Keeway V-Cruise keeps the feel of a classic cruiser but to bring it to the modern world with a digital dashboard. The dashboard is strategically placed below the handlebars and is rather low profile. The round digital displays all the information needed and with an added amount of style. A circular RPM gauge brings in mind traditional analog instruments: an appropriate balance in layout to the large speedometer at centre accurate to the last digit.

The V-Cruise 125cc
Belt Drive is available in Black or Grey.


Superlight 125 LTD £2549 O.T.R

Keeway Superlight 125cc LTD Overview

Keeway Superlight 125 Ltd, the ultimate cruiser for those seeking a sleek and refined riding experience. This bike is designed to offer unparalleled freedom and comfort with its fuel-injected, dual-balanced, single-cylinder power unit. With a proven track record of reliability, this cruiser has quickly become the best-selling 125 cruiser in the UK.

The Superlight Ltd boasts a custom look and ergonomic design that provides a superior riding experience. Available in a range of colours, both glossy and matte, with chrome accents that complement its authentic dark componentry, this cruiser is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

At the heart of the Superlight Ltd is a reliable air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that delivers 10.6 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. With a twin exhaust system and alloy wheels, this bike offers big bike looks and a true custom feel. The front and rear disc brakes ensure safety, while the large 15-litre fuel tank provides an impressive range of over 110 mpg, making it easy to explore the open road and reach your destination with ease.

The Superlight Ltd features two counters for the tachometer and speedometer, with a fuel gauge conveniently located on the tank. The 16-inch front and 15-inch rear alloy wheels with 110/90 front and 130/90 rear tires make for a smooth ride. The chassis measures 2,260 mm in length and 800 mm in width (without mirrors), with a wheelbase of 1,440 mm, ground clearance of 120 mm, and seat height of 730 mm. The front suspension features a 36 mm fork with a deb. of 110 mm, while the rear suspension has 2 shock absorbers with a deb. of 80 mm. The bike weighs in at 134 kg and comes with a 24-month warranty.

The Superlight Ltd is available in two models: the LTD model, which comes in matte Black, matte Red and matte Grey.

Superlight LTD 2023 matt-grey-746.png

Superlight 125 se £2649 O.T.R

The most complete small cruiser available today brings forth the essence of primal motorcycling from decades past. If ever a reason to want an open road and carefree day to waste, this is it, this is your ride. In an age of plastic and speed sometimes all you want is to have is time, a traditional motorcycle that doesn’t get in the way of enjoying a day in the saddle, reliability is what underpins each and every mile. efficient fuel injection married to the Dual Counter balanced engine makes every road a place where time becomes irrelevant and pleasure becomes your purpose, fitted with Leather Saddlebags, with a custom windshield & protective engine bars as standard, the deep Gloss Black finish with Chrome recalls the exploration of the highway and the ever changing horizon. Starting out or returning to 2 wheels it can be every bike you need or just the one you really want


RKF125 £2949 O.T.R

With its edgy and eye-catching look, RKF 125cc is the new naked Keeway with a unique, modern personality. RKF is a sleek and extremely dynamic smart bike, designed to provide maximum fun in the curves. Its heart is the new single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled 125 cc engine offering excellent street performance. Its maximum power is 9 kW at 9500 rpm, with torque of 10 Nm at 7500 rpm. As a result of the partnership with Storied Italian Manufacturer Benelli, RKF benefits from the latest in Multi Valve, Multi Spark engine BMT technology to achieve higher fuel efficiency. Lean combustion without sacrificing power is achieved by mixing fuel and air above the theoretical air-fuel ratio (14.7:1). But too lean a fuel and air mixture is not an easy task to ignite. The BMT power platform adopts a higher compression ratio, and the temperature of the mixture is higher and easier to ignite when the piston reaches the top dead centre, literally more Bang for your Buck! With the fitment of USD forks as standard a refined comfort level that feels like it belongs to larger super-sport machines is achieved. The BMT engine platform, together with the engine technology from the century-old Benelli, has a number of technical advantages in engine platform(such as multi-valve multi-spark plug) . The BMT power platform is mainly represented by high-speed, high-power, high-performance engines, and is equipped with highend personalized and sporty models of Benelli. At present, the BMT power platform mainly focuses on small displacements below 250cc motorcycle engine. It will gradually expand to small displacement scooter engines and cub engines.


Versilia 125  £2149 O.T.R

Available in Black, White, Red and Grey

Keeway Versilia 125 Overview

An agile classic scooter, places a host of features at your fingerprints. Versilia, an agile classic scooter, places a host of features at your finger tips with full LED lighting system, USB charger and analog+digital dual instrument, offering both style and functionality. In addition, the large ergonomic saddle ensures both rider and passenger a comfort journey

Please note all prices are On The Road which includes 1 years road tax and first registration fee.

Keeway versilia 125.png
Keeway Versilia grey.png
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