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Booking Information

MOT's for all Motorcycles are done while you wait by appointment only from 9.00am to 4.00pm. from Tuesday to Friday. Saturday 9am-3pm We book them at 45 minute intervals so please arrive just before your appointed time. Please phone us if you are delayed.


When calling you will be asked for the machines registration number. Only if you have given us the registration number will you be covered for driving to and from the test station without a MOT or any road tax but remember that you still need to have insurance


You may leave your machine all day if you prefer and we will fit it in between appointments the same day.

Motorcycle and Scooter Mot News

Cost of Mot £29.65

Retest Fee £10 if Applicable

From 20 May 2018 the MOT test for vehicles over 40 years old will be abolished. It means that cars andbikes will simultaneously become MOT and VED-exempt the moment they hit 40. The move means that from next spring, pre-1978 cars and bikes will basically become free to own, other than fuel and insurance expenses

Get MOT reminders

Sign up to get free reminders by text message or email when your MOT is due.

You’ll get a reminder one month before your MOT is due. You’ll get another reminder if you still haven’t had your vehicle tested 2 weeks before your MOT is due.

What the new categories mean

Dangerous A direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment.
Do not drive the vehicle until it’s been repaired.

Major It may affect the vehicle’s safety, put other road users at risk or have an impact on the environment.
Repair it immediately.


Minor No significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or impact on the environment.
Repair as soon as possible.


Advisory It could become more serious in the future.
Monitor and repair it if necessary.

Pass It meets the minimum legal standard.


Number plate lights working

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