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£1799 pre registerd




ZERO Emisions



Removable Battery for easy charging.

Why Electric

Zero petrol costs,Zero Emissions,Zero Tax and no congestion charge.

Top Speed

28 MPH and a range of upto 40 KM

Eco Bike

Make your city commute fun free and fresh.

Dealer Hints and Tips for the Lifan Eco Bike.


Battery Range. 

Used in mode 3 and driven at full throttle the bike will achieve circa 30 miles.  Used more sympathetically & using modes 1, 2 & 3 will see the range extend to circa 40 miles.  Careful use could get more, but we are talking about “real world” riding situations.

Battery Charging. 

Initial charges are important.   The Battery Charger when connected and switched on will show a Red light accompanied by a cooling fan noise as the charger starts to operate.  Once the battery has reached its full charge the light will change to Green and the charger will switch off.   Once in use the battery can be charged when the power falls below 50%.   The bike can be run down to 10% but do not run the battery flat.  The battery can charged in situ or off the bike.  The manufacturer quotes that the Battery will take 1000 charges.   This would equate to 30,000 - 40,000 miles plus depending on use.

Running Costs.

 A full 8 hour charge will cost between 10-15 Pence depending on the electricity tariff.  If we take the hard use 30 mile range as a guide and the customer is charging once a week then we can work out the following.  

30 miles per week x 52 = 1560 miles per year.

52 Charges @ 10p = £5.20 Divide by 1560 miles = approx 0.33p per mile.                                                                                    52 Charges @ 15p = £7.80 Divide by 1560 miles = approx 0.50p per mile.

Other running costs are Tyres, Brake Pads/ Brake Fluid and Wheel Bearings, which we all know will last some considerable time under normal use.

Bike Storage. 

 If storing the bike, e.g.  during winter.  Remove battery and fully charge.  Store battery in a cool dry area and top up with a monthly 2 hour charge.  Minimal work is needed to re-commission the bike for normal use. The Lifan Eco Bike does not suffer from the problems that can affect petrol bikes that are used only occasionally.    Modern fuels are the source of many problems when bikes are unused for periods of time, i.e. Stale Fuel, degradation of Fuel Hoses, Engine Seals. etc.

Low Weight.

The Lifan Eco bike weighs in at only 81Kgs.  This makes it ideal for owners of camper vans as this is below the average 90Kg weight limit for rear bike carriers.  The battery weighs 10 KG and can be removed during transportation.    The bike will fit into the majority of garage compartments on these vehicles.

Savings for Commuters.

You will still need to match the customer to the bike and ensure their needs will be met.  Research I have done has shown that a weekly bus ticket for a 2.2 mile each way Journey from my area to the local Station & Town Centre is £700 per year at the cheapest rate, (£58.33 per month)  or a weekly ticket is £15 which equates to £65.00 per month over the year.

Using a Lifan will generally be  quicker and could be a door to door journey. (Plus you will always get a seat)

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