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Sym Jet 4 RX 125

The Jet 4 RX 125 is a scooter with character designed for those who like to travel in urban areas in style or to go off the beaten track. Its "Street" spirit is accentuated by an aggressive look that can be seen thanks to the large LED front headlight and its naked handlebars. On the practical side, this new scooter is equipped with handguards, LCD instrumentation, warning on the handlebars and a USB 2.0 port. With the Jet 4 RX125, don't go unnoticed! The Jet 4 name is one of the classic SYM models. It is a commuting scooter with a sporty style and economical price. The 50cc and 125cc options allow the customers to choose the ideal displacement according to their needs. After the lasting product life, it’s time for Jet 4’s evolution. Jet 4 RX – the new Euro 5 version of Jet 4 It not only combines the sports and off-road elements but also applies the new frame to make for a better riding experience Due in June2022

jet4rx features.JPG
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